Industrial Services

At Alpezzi Chocolate we transform our clients’ ideas into successful products made to fit their needs.

Because we are convinced that innovation is fundamental in day-to-day problem solving, we have consolidated a talented team of specialists focused in achieving excellence in research and development processes.
We constantly invest in cutting edge technology, looking for process efficiency that responds to world quality standards.

In order to guarantee our customers and their consumers’ satisfaction, we offer products and services under the strictest quality and safety standards. Hence, we have the following certifications:

We work closely with our clients’, because we go beyond formulas and procedures, obtaining their consumers’ satisfaction through our broad experience and knowledge of chocolate.

We always aim to exceed expectations and contributing to the success of the businesses we participate in.

Our differentation is based on innovation and fast, flexible and close service.
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Thanks to our teaming-up with leading global companies, we are present all across the Americas.

Industrial products

We have a broad range of possibilities to add value to our clients’ products:

Chocolate paste

Chocolate coatings










Coated fillings

Air-injected chocolate


Our chocolate technology and expertise offer innovative solutions through the following services:


Technique that allows a cookie or cereal bar to be completely covered in chocolate.


Process in which cookies or bars are placed on a bed of muelted chocolate and just the bottom part gets coated.

Chocolate instantizing

Easy-to-dissolve powdered chocolate to make novelty drinks.


Spreading small chocolate particles on a base to obtain differentiated products.


Process in which liquid chocolate is poured in small amounts to obtain different shapes and sizes of chips, drops and flakes.


Simultaneous injection of chocolate coating and filling, applicable in different types of molds. This process is ideal to make bonbons and truffles.


Mix of chocolate with different ingredients, such as cereals and dried fruit to magnify the consumption experience.


Image printing on a chocolate base. This process allows to add creativity to products.


Process in which liquid chocolate lines are added on top of cookies or cereal bars that forms different patterns. It is an excellent alternative to stylize many kinds of products.

Air injection

Method by which air is injected in chocolate to form large and visible bubbles or microscopic ones. It is a great alternative for chocolate bars and chips.

Coated filings

Process in which raisins, almonds, cranberries and other dried fruit are completely coated to transform products’ presentation.